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What coverage can I expect to see on HibsTV?

HibsTV International subscribers will receive live video coverage of the majority of competitive  matches including Scottish Premiership, League Cup and Scottish Cup matches. 

HibsTV subscribers in GB & Ireland will receive live audio commentary of every competitive  match.

All subscribers can enjoy our Video on Demand service which includes exclusive behind-the-scenes content, highlights of every match, pre & post match reaction from the manager, players and staff & much more.

Why can't I see the live game in the UK or Ireland?

Rights agreements mean that live video coverage of Scottish Premiership, League Cup and Scottish Cup games is only available to fans outside of the GB & Ireland. Because of these rights agreements we must block all users within the UK/ROI. We use geo-blocking to do this. On Demand games (full games sometimes known as as-live) are available to fans within the UK, usually from 10pm on the day of the game.   On occasions we will have UK rights as well as overseas rights. Sometimes rights agreements will mean we will have UK rights but not overseas rights.  These variances will only apply to certain games and will be publicised in advance of the fixture on the HibsTV site.

HibsTV Full match replays

Due to SPFL Broadcasting rules, full match replays will be available from approximately 10pm for users in GB & Ireland (Midnight if a game has been televised in the UK). Outwith GB & Ireland we hope to have the match replays available earlier. Please note that all times are for guidance only and may vary depending on the travelling distance involved for the HibsTV team.

Do I need special software?

Viewers should have one of the following browser and Flash versions installed to play video:

(PC)    Google Chrome (recommended) FireFox 6.0.1 or higher Internet Explorer 10 or higher

(Mac)    Google Chrome (recommended) FireFox 6.0.1 or higher Safari 5 or higher,


Flash Player 10 or higher** **You may need to install this as it will not install automatically

Why does the video player show a spinning circle or pause during playback?

Video may show a spinning circle or pause during playback if your Internet connection is not fast enough or if your computer has an unusually slow processor or little RAM (memory). Even on broadband connections, Internet congestion or traffic can result in choppy playback or repeated buffering. 

Check that your connection is not being shared with others that may be downloading or uploading files. Network traffic may also build at certain types of day, so you may wish to try later. Also make sure that no-one else in your household is using the network at the same time.  Some security programs, firewalls or routers may block your access to the Player. This may mean that you always see the loading screen, with a spinning circle in the middle of where the video should be. Please check your computer's settings to ensure that it is not blocking the HibsTV Player or Flash.

If you are running too many other programs, try closing down the other applications. Computers can sometimes be busy with the process of updating software. These processes are designed to run in the background (sometimes invisibly to the user) but can still use up resources such as broadband bandwidth and computer power. It's a good idea to make sure these updates are not running while trying to watch streaming video.

So what else can I do?

Check your internet package. You could consider upgrading your broadband internet package if you regularly experience difficulties. Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Why Can't I See Live Video, I Have The Right Subscription?

Live video is only available from outside the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, if you are outside these areas please visit www.whatismyip.com and email us at HibsTV@StreamDigital.TV with the result so we can investigate and resolve the issue.

All I hear is audio but no video

If this happens please do a complete refresh of the browser page - this can be done by holding in CTRL and pressing the F5 key.

Why do I need Cookies enabled?

We use cookies so that we can recognise your username and password and so that we know that you can view the programmes. If you are asked, you will need to accept cookies.

I am registered but I am not able to watch anything

Once you have registered you need to log-in using your username and password. You only need to register once. Once you have your username and password simply log-in each time you want to use the service. I’ve Lost My Password

Click the Log In button, then select ‘Can’t Access My Account’ option. Payment

HibsTV uses Stripe for its transactions. After you have paid you will receive confirmation from Stripe.  You can cancel payments at any time either via my account page, view subscriptions option and then cancel subscription option. Watching The Live Match

All sorts of things can interfere with a reliable stream. Make sure there are no large downloads OR uploads happening on the same network (this might be on another machine in a different room). Some examples: •    automatic system/software updates •    any backups •    someone else attempting to stream video •    checking emails during match (in case someone sends a large attachment) •    software like Skype or Dropbox can use bursts of bandwidth, even if apparently not in use •    if you use VPN, it's a good idea to deactivate it

It's also worth noting that sometimes the first few minutes of live streaming can be less reliable. It may take a few minutes to settle. The delivery mechanism is set up to optimise the best route through the internet, and this process only starts when you start the video. In other words, be patient.

Be aware that you can click the arrows at the bottom of the video (roll pointer over to see) to make the video show full-screen. This is what you'll need if you are playing it onto a large screen.

We stream the video at three different bandwidths/qualities. The player will automatically adjust to the best one that will work with your broadband. This means you might occasionally see a drop in quality if your bandwidth drops. This is intentional - it is to make sure you keep seeing the match, even if you've lost the ability to see high quality.

Why won't it log me in?

In order to use our log in, you need to enable Cookies on your browser.

To enable cookies on Firefox, go to Preferences > Privacy > then "Remember history" (or use custom settings) In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > then set to "Accept" or "Always allow session cookies" Other browsers have similar settings. There are all sorts of software add-ons (some you may not even know you have!) which prevent access to sites.

Some firewalls can prevent the secure communication needed for logging in.

You may also experience difficulties if you are using a proxy connection eg. one provided by your work. People have sometimes contacted us to say they can't log in when our records show they have successfully logged in. This can be due to something called caching, where your computer, or your network serves you an old version of the page in order to be faster. Or you might not have cookies enabled.

Can I change my password?

Yes.  Click on ‘My Account’ and create a new password.

I tried to get my password and nothing arrived

Check your email inbox is not full.

Check the mail has not landed in your Spam or Junk folder - this occasionally happens with automatically generated mail. If you know how, you should whitelist no-reply@afc.co.uk so that all mails will be trusted. 

Why am I asked to log in again?

When you log in, you are given fixed time access to the site - we can't keep it open indefinitely. If, for example, you leave your computer on overnight, you'd expect to be asked to log in again when you try to use the site. Whereas banks, for example, typically shut you out after only 15 minutes, we deliberately give people a long time (a couple of hours) so that whole match programmes can be viewed. You will never be asked to log in during a video, unless someone else has logged into your account.

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